Scrub n Shine Independent Affiliate Application


How Secure is My Information?

This application is to assist Scrub n Shine, LLC (Scrub n Shine) in determining the potential of a long term working relationship between you, the Applicant and Scrub n Shine.  None of the information requested on this application will be made available to the general public.  It will be released only to you, persons within our organization and our third party drug screening and criminal background agencies that need this information in order to approve or deny your application.  If you are contracted by Scrub n Shine, some data may be made available to the Internal Revenue Service, Social Security Administration  as well as our Accounts Payable/Payroll staff for tax purposes.

You MUST Be a U.S. Citizen or Authorized Alien

In accordance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, Scrub n Shine only contracts U.S. Citizens and lawfully authorized alien workers.  If contracted, you will be required to provide written documentation of citizenship or otherwise prove full compliance with U.S. Government’s legalized alien program(s).  Failure to provide documentation will result in termination of your contract with Scrub n Shine.  In many cases, a valid driver’s license with photo, a copy of your Social Security Card, a copy of your current automobile insurance and a copy of your current business general liability insurance will suffice.

Exams, Screenings and Background Checks

If you are contracted with Scrub n Shine, you may be asked to undergo a physical examination that includes a drug screening.  These screenings and checks help determine if you are able to perform your contracted duties in an effective and safe manner, and if any accommodations need to be made for you.  Scrub n Shine also conducts criminal background checks.

You Authorize Scrub-n-Shine to Verify Your Information

You agree to grant Scrub n Shine the right to verify information that you’ve provided in this application. You understand that providing false information is grounds for rejecting this application and/or for termination of your contract with Scrub n Shine.

Scrub n Shine Believes in Equal Opportunity

Scrub n Shine does not discriminate against any person or company because of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age or marital status.

Affiliate Application to Become an Independent Service Contractor
With Scrub n Shine, LLC

We currently do not have a digital affiliate application form to become an Independent Service Contractor. Scrub n Shine is working to improve the Independent Service Contractor affiliate application process. Please contact us to request an affiliate application form to become an Independent Service Contractor.